Monday, April 1, 2019


419 scams

Dear Sir,


I have before me US$25.5M as unclaimed Funds at the closing of last year 2016, when stock was taken, that I am soliciting for your help as a trusted and reliable foreign partner who can receive this funds into your bank account as beneficiary upon transferred. This fund was gotten from an over-invoiced contract sum of US$150Millions awarded by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) for supply an,d reconstructions of broken Oil Pipes and the cleaning Oil Spillage over the affected areas of Niger Delta communities and regions which the original contractor has been paid, leaving this amount $25.5 M being an over invoiced sum, as originally agreed with the foreign principal contractor creating a position for a sub-contractor in order to claim over-invoiced sum ($25.5M) at ease, and there will be no records or trace of any illegality. And this $25.5 M will be processed in your name, and go through all normal contact payment processing and
 procedures seeking approv

If you are interested and willing to corporate with us in this transaction, you will be compensated with 25% at the end of this transaction upon receiving the funds into your bank account. 5% have been budgeted out of the total sum for both local and international expenses to be incurred during the transaction of this total fund from where reimbursement will be shared to amount spent immediately this $25.5 Million is credited into your bank account while the remaining 70% will be invested into profitable investment in your country. Indicate your interest and capability of handling this transaction, as you forward your personal/company's information: Your full name and address, Home/Office and direct Cell Phone Numbers and email, nationality, profile/occupation and your age, your bank account with all relevant information. This will enable us to process the payment approval to move the funds to you within 14 working bank days upon receipt of the requested information and payment appro
 vals from relevant govern

Waiting for your prompt reply.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Edward