Sunday, September 2, 2018


419 scams


This is to officially bring to your notice

that the Federal Bureau of Investigation

(FBI) in collaboration with the International

Police (INTERPOL) Economic And Financial

Crime Commission, (EFCC) have succeeded

in arresting those criminals trying to divert your

over due payment of US$13,553,199.41 to their

foreign account overseas.

Your US$13,553,199.41 is presently on hold in a

US BANK account which will be released to you

as soon as the below requirements are confirmed


1) Any valid ID of your self ( for confirmation)

2) Mode of payment acceptable by you (Bank

wire transfer or ATM card)

3) Direct telephone digits. (for oral communication)

4) Payment of $85 ( to validate/legalize your


Kindly re-confirm the above details along with

the Payment receipt or details used in sending

the fee via Western union or Money gram

transfer service with these instructions. (1)

Receivers name: Robert Beture (2) Address/

Location: Lagos - Nigeria (3) Text question:Year

(4)Text answer:2018 (5) Amount: $85.

Note, the US consulates in West Africa is in charge

in processing/legalizing of your paper works and to

this regards, we are determined to follow up with the

processing and release of your approved

US$13,553,199.41 till its logical conclusion.

As soon as the above requirements are confirmed receipt,

the processing and release of your US$13,553,199.41

payment will be finalized within 48 working hours.

We urge you to cross check your information's before

sending to avoid delay in processing your legal paper

works.Finally, we authorize you to stop all dealings with

any office or person claiming to be in charge of your

payment, for we believe they might be in collaboration

with these arrested men.


Agent Butler B. Ray

Special Agent In Charge.