Tuesday, November 14, 2017


419 scams

MaJor Elizabeth DiCampli

Nurse Corps Officer at United States Army

Assignment Under United Nation Syria Chapter

San Diego State University-California State University

My name is Major Elizabeth DiCampli. Am on Assignment with United Nation Syria
Chapter. I live in Hawaii USA. Despite we have not meet face to face i still have a
confident trust on you and i believe in your assistant. Am on a special assignment
with United Nation here in Syria . I need your help and it will benefit both of us.

My Squad here in Syria rescued the son of the Syrian Prime Minister from the hand of
the Taliban's here in Syria . The Prime minister gave us a cash reward my own share
of the money is $950,000 Dollars. And i want to trust you so that i can send the
money out from here because is not safe staying with me here.

The bank where we camp is not working because of the crisis here if you are watching
CNN you will understand what i mean. Can i trust you? If you capable to help me
receive this money I will give you 30% of the total amount.I want to be sure if you
are capable no matter what it takes. I have make all the necessary arrangement on
the means of moving it out safely. Can i trust you? Please get back to me on the
email immediately for security reasons.


Major Elizabeth Dicampli

Direct Email:majordicamplim@gmail.com