Thursday, June 16, 2016


419 scams


Dear Beneficiary,


Following the instruction and directive of the President of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari who just concluded his visit to United States on the invitation of United States President Mr. Barack Oboma, on discussion among other things, settling all foreign Contractors is one of his priority but I must sincerely confirm to you that I am a civil servant working under his Government, my advise is, hasten up before it is too late.

You cannot because armed robbers came to your house, and you vacate your house and live in the bush, you cannot because someone died in a car accident and you abandon your car and be ridding on a bicycle and a woman cannot because another died during child labour and declined not to get pregnant again, therefore you cannot because fraudsters eat your money and you decided to abandon your millions of dollars. All you need is carefulness and caution to know whom you are dealing with.

But one principal thing in this is that, your oral disclaiming of not knowing these fraudsters is not enough for us to substantiate your claim of ownership of the controversial fund unless you write an official letter to us as an (OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER). But as this is on, you must avoid third party so that you would as well know who is trying to divert your fund by avoiding completely any third party in this process of transferring your fund.

Certainly, I must inform you that we are civil servants that serve the public and it is our sole duty to do so at any given time, therefore you are free to call on us at any time because that is why we are here. If you think that the approved money to be transferred to you is not yours, please do not hesitate to write and inform me as quickly as you can.

Indeed, Presidential letter to us indicated your payment approval as your name reflected on the list among those to be paid within this 2015 third quarter payment series with your payment file FG2190N/CBN/016, and has set June 06th 2016 as deadline which means that you must hasten up and comply with Central bank of Nigeria directive to enable us process and transfer your fund before the Presidential deadline for cancellation of payments.

Be informed that we have agreed to work for you and also resolved to follow your transaction to a logical conclusion due to our understanding from your file that your fund has been delayed unnecessarily, which may be either your fault or officers who handled your payment process in the past.
I, with my colleague -Anthony Adams have agreed to take it upon us to prove to you that there are still people who have conscience and fear of God in all their human ramifications no matter their country of origin, tribe or race. We have decided to work with you with total honest and sincerity provided you guarantee us your full cooperation until your fund is finally transferred to your account as soon as possible.

I must recall that your payment was first approved last year but you did not follow it up to a logical conclusion and hope you would not repeat same this year, because Federal Government of Nigeria has fixed June 06th 2016 as deadline for indefinite cancellation of your fund if appropriate measures is not taken by you to claim your fund this time.

You are required also to send us the following information as quickly as possible on CBN FINAL AUTHORITY TO REMIT FORM ATTACHED:

(a) Your full name and your office or home address.
(b) Your bank name and address
(c) Your account number
(d) Your routing number / swift code (if any)
(e) Your account name/beneficiary
(f) Your company’s name. (If any) Telephone/ Fax Numbers respectively.
(g) A copy of your International Passport or Valid Driver’s License.
(h) Contract or Inheritance Number and Amount.

However, we want you to note that without the above information being supplied to me, I cannot continue with the transfer process due to the counter-claim or attempt to divert your fund to Germany, which you have denied the authorization to anybody to do so on your behalf.

Upon receipt of the above requirements as I, Baldwin Asalla the officer in-charge of transferring your fund in Central Bank of Nigeria, Headquarters’-Abuja in conjunction with Telex Department will effect the transfer of your fund within (14) days if requirements are provided early to us by you..

Find attached Final Authority to remit document for you to fill, sign and send back. Beware of fraudsters to avoid being victimized and do not discuss your payment transfer to a third party to avoid exposing it to fraudsters who may attempt to divert it to another bank account.

Remain sealed lips until your payment reaches your bank, and will call you as soon as the transfer hits your account.

This is a professional advise you will not ignore.

God bless you.
Yours Sincerely

Baldwin A. Asalla
Director, International Remittance Department
15th Floor, Telex Room 02,
Central Bank of Nigeria
Corporate Headquarters,