Friday, June 3, 2016


Job scams

We are looking to retain the services of a regional representative in your region. If you are interested, please write back so i can give you more information on the job. Trust me it will by no means interfere with your job or business.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Zhang Bowen
President Representative Executive Officer Kunlun Energy Company Limited


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a scam or something illegal. Also, why are the email addresses from a g.mail account rather than an official company email? Alarm bells going off!!! I'm sure the "application" they speak of below will want all of your back account info...MAJOR SCAM!

Here is the reply from responding to the above initial job announcement:

Thanks for your response. Kunlun Energy Company Limited are into exploration and development of oil and gas fields in mainland of the Asian regions, we are also one of the biggest suppliers of liquefied natural gas(LNG) etc. Our Head office is based in Hong Kong and we are one of the largest manufacturer and provider of oil and natural gas worldwide, offering unbeatable pricing and excellent services. With our vast distribution network, we are able to source and deliver products all over the world. Due to the challenges in processing payments here in Hong Kong from our customers in USA/Canada, we are soliciting reliable companies and firm or individuals to partner with us and help us receive and process payments from our USA/Canada customer base. Owing to the fact that we do not operate a foreign account and as such we need reliable individuals or company to act as our Company representative. We will bear the responsibility of paying for such services with the compensation package explained below, Such persons/companies should be able to:


*Sole duty will be in business representation and management of our customers.

Compensation: The company/firm or individual is entitled to 10% commission of each completed transaction plus a $4,900 monthly retainer fee. Business and communications shall be mostly conducted online and on phone and hence will not affect your current job.

The following details Should be sent to us for Onward Processing and Confirmation.

Full Name:

Contact address:

Present country:


Company Name:


Direct Telephone:

Fax Number:

E-mail Address:

Please get back to us if you are interested in working with our company so we can send you the applicable form and the partnership contract thereafter.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cheng Cheng

Senior Vice President

Kunlun Energy Company Limited

39/F,118 Connaught Road,

West Hong Kong.

Tel :(852) 5808 9749

Fax :(852) 2868 1741

Unknown said...

Another version of scam email!
Trying to lure people in, and respond...

Sent from so called Hong Kong scanner!