Wednesday, May 11, 2016


419 scams

Attn :

This is to officially inform you that we are having our audit account and
in effort to make sure that all beneficiaries receive their fund prior to
the audit of the last quarter of 2015, and based on the ultimatum given
to us by the Work Bank and United States government to make sure all
beneficiaries who were not paid last year 2015 by the Nigerian Government
get their various payment this year, as a result of this the IMF Boss was
directed to go to Nigeria and discuss this very important payment issue
with the Nigeria Government so that all of you will be paid in this new
batch "2016 Batch A " Payment List .

In our efforts to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial
stability and facilitate individual and company economic growth. This
Commission has lifted the banned placed on all foreign payment from the
Nigerian/African region, this simply means that your long awaited payment
has been approved for immediate release into your account .

Now the instruction from the United States/Nigeria Government orders that
the fund should be released to you as an Inheritance from NNPC Contract
Fund Payment.

On this note therefore you are hereby advised to reconfirm your
information below so we can order the Citibank of New York to release this
payment to you with immediate effect, however, this payment does not
require much documentation, below are just the few documents required
while other necessary clearance papers has been signed and approved, they
are in order here in your payment file so what is required now the
certificates :

1. Fund Origin Certificate of Ownership
2. Money Laundry/Anti Terrorist Clearance and IRS clearance only .

Ones the above papers are duly signed and issued to you we shall
immediately instruct the Citibank New York to proceed and release the fund
into your account.The board of directors of Citibank in conjunction with
the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reach a resolution that you will
be allowed to receive your fund ones the above clearance papers are
signed and issued to you from the concerned office .

Please you are required to Re-confirm as follows:

(1) Your Full Name
(2) Full Residential Address:
(3) Country/State
(5) Direct and Current Phone
(6) Passport identification

Note: The above information is necessary to certify that you are the
rightful beneficiary of the said funds and As soon as we receive these
information's I shall further guild you on what to do for the immediate
release of this payment .

Michael L. Corbat
Chief Executive Officer