Thursday, May 19, 2016


419 scams


Thank you for writing to me,I want you to know that i did not make my donation public please take note, because of fraudulent people on the internet. I am sorry for my spellings if you find any errors, i don't speak English very well,i used the internet translator to write you this message.

I am Pedro Quezada, A Native of Jarabacoa (Dominica Republic) like you already know i won the Power ball Jackpot of $338 million in the Month of March and the money have change my life and the life of my humble family, but it won’t change my heart, my family is a very humble family and we’re going to help each other out i and my family decided to do God's work after having a long talk with some ministers of God and prayer sessions by donating few good heart individual in the world. I don't have much to say about my self now but am over excited, So I want you and your family to be happy as we are happy today.

I am very grateful to you for the interest shown in my plight and I want to assure you that you will be greatly rewarded for what you have chosen to do. Although we know each other for the first time but I believe our father has directed me to you as I prayed and searched over the internet for assistance because I saw your profile on a list of registered email addresses provided to me by Microsoft list from which I picked you.

Be assured you stand no risk as this is my money,for source and verification please see the link below:


We decided to donate Individuals and i told some Ministers about this which they said was a welcome idea and promised they will get me a list of some people who can help others with my donation and put smile in the face of the needy, i decided to select my self by going to Microsoft and Google to make a research. I decided to move to United Kingdom with my family because, since i won this lottery different taxes have been fallen upon me and much are coming, my pastor and my able minister's of God advice me to move to United-Kingdom with my family rather than paying Tax each week.

Our $ 1,300,000 US Dollars donation may not be much to you but i believe it will go a long way to improving your standard of living like my Power ball Jackpot did to me and my family, first you choosing to help people around you and then investing in yourself immediately you receive the payment, I would like you to send me your full name, full address, Age, occupation and personal phone number to my email immediately and my entire household will be glad for you to visit us after my donation gets to you. Do this on time so you can contact the lawyer for all the legal documentation regarding this donation.

Send me an email with your Full Name, Address, Age, Occupation and your personal telephone number:

Thank you
From: Pedro Quezada <>
Date: 27 February 2016 11:21:44
Subject: Contact Bank

How are you doing today? I have now authorized the finance firm representing me to appoint you as beneficiary to my donation of $1,300,000 for you.

The contact details and E-mail of our finance firm (Clydesdale Bank Plc) is provided below. Get in touch with them as soon as you recieve this mail or anytime within the week as they are already expecting to hear from you. In doing so, tell them your name, address and my deposit file no: WRTN/PEC1342

Endeavor to follow their approved guidelines on international funds transfer and I am certain that within next three working days, you should have had the fund transferred to you and available for use.

Clydesdale Bank Plc. UK.
Contact Person : David Duffy
E-mail :
Tel: (00) 44 704 572 6473
Fax: (00) 44 843 558 1491

As I have told you, I wish that this donation is kept private, I don't need any more attention off this, as long as I am doing the will of God. My lawyers also advised that I will avoid paying huge fines to the government if I be discrete this way. When you make contact, they will ask you to first open an account with them so that the amount can be moved from my depository to your own personal bank account before you can eventually transfer it off if you wish using their online banking system which should all be without hassles.

Please let me know as soon as you can get the funds. Kindly ensure you also touch one or two lives around you with your donation reward and put a smile on people's faces.

I wish you and your family the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.