Thursday, March 10, 2016


419 scams


It has been discovered and confirmed that there is no inheritance payment in
your favor or name in Nigeria. The Presidency refused to approve payment of
the inheritance for you after verifying and checking with the CBN, Federal
Ministry of Finance, IMF, Inheritance Payment Board, National Assembly and the
Accountant General's Office. There was no where that your name reflected as a
next of kin inheritance beneficiary and no money is in your name. This means
that from the beginning all what you have been told are false and the people
dealing with you are international fraudsters called in Nigeria 419ers. They
create inexistent scenario and back it up with fake computer print documents,
put your name in it as evidence that you have inheritance. With these fake
documents, they go on to be swindling and scamming the naïve victim of theirs.

They keep telling you different stories that are all lies with singular
intention of extorting money from you. It is usually a never ending story that
culminates in consistent demand for money. This is the practice of Nigeria
fraudsters. They also have partners and accomplices overseas whom they may
refer you to sometimes to contact for your payment. Over there, this foreign
criminal partners of theirs demand their own fees that must be paid before
final payment of fund to you. This is a never ending story and bottomless pit
which if you are not well advised shall make you go bankrupt. At this
junction, may it be known to you clearly that you have been scammed by
fraudster with Fake Documents and every other criminal that has been
contacting you in respect of inexistent inheritance fund. All the documents
that were given to you are mere computer paper work that is not documented in
any office because they are fake.

The federal government of Nigeria has asked us to warn and advise you to stop
immediately every communication with these devilish Nigeria fraudsters that
are given our country bad image and reputation. Do not send any money to them
again because if you do, you are just wasting the money and time. Finally,
your compensation fund will be paid through SunTrust Bank New York where your
fund is maneuvered to abstain africa fraudsters from contacting you, contact
the SunTrust Bank immediately through a given telephone number here to avoid
hackers from monitoring the conversation as that might be an obstacle of you
not receiving your funds.

Name: Sunil Setia
Possition: Client Advisor, SunTrust Bank
Phone Number: (870) 729-1165
Address: 145 Pinelawn Rd, Melville, NY 11747

For more details on receipt of this mail contact this office.

Steve Macpherson
Nigeria Representative
International Monetary Agency
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