Friday, March 11, 2016


419 scam

Dear Friend.

How are you doing including friends and families hope everyone is in good health,i am wondering why you haven't told me that you have received your draft check i drooped at reverend father office on your name before i lift the camp with my husband,have you received the check from reverend father or not? the issued bank told me that the money is not yet withdraw from the check account.

i told the bank to retrieve the check draft to a valid credit card visa with the same amount in draft check which is 300.000 euros on your name, the bank has already delivered the credit card visa to new reverend father office because they don't know your address so kindly immediately contact new reverend father through his email or phone and ask him to ship it through dhl or any post service.

Here is the PIN CODE [1265] Here is also PASS CODE[4571]

i will advise you immediately to contact reverend father through his email or phone number so he will send you the Credit card visa live through DHL or any POST you chose,you will withdraw your money from the Credit Card Visa at any ATM MATCHING in your country or at any Bank,the invoice of your credit card visa is on your name already.

here is the reverend father correct contact

Name: Reverend Father Daniel Peter


Phone: +221-772439550

i will be busy with project my husband has at hand,enjoy your days

your friend
Anita Zamba.