Thursday, September 24, 2015


419 scams

My Dear,

My happiness is that I have lived a worthy life. My doctor told me that I
have serious sickness which is cancer problem. Knowing my condition I
decided to donate my funds to you. I want this funds to be used for the
orphanages, poor and widows. Please i do not want a situation where this
funds will be used in an ungodly manner like what my brothers have done in
the past. That's why I'm taking this decision. I'm not afraid of death
because I know where I'm going. Please have me in your prayers always. The
last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash deposit of united
state dollars $52,000,000 that I have with a finance/Security Company. I
will want you to dispatch it to charity organizations if only you will be
sincere. As soon as i get an answer from you i will give you contacts of
my bank and my attorney.

Mrs. Vinayak Arora

NB Please do not share my email address with anyone as I have received
some emails from some unscrupulous people claiming to be charity
organizations and other weird stories.