Tuesday, June 23, 2015


419 scams


We would like to inform you that we are already over West Union
sent 5.000,00 USD We received the order as your Total full
50,000.00USD overdue payment, Western Union Since By
Treasury. I tried to get away Call comprehensive
Over the phone to give, but I could not so I decided
send to you the MTCN and sender name, so that they die 5,000.00
To obtain USD, so we did today Another 5,000.00 USD, How
write, we
know only send 5,000.00 USDs per day. And it was agreed,
That the Escrow, die sum of 120 USDs to be paid to you
By paying must be considered before the release, did die
120USD before picking up your first payment.

Please bring ESTA information and pick up for each round Western Union
5.000,00 USD and call die Operation Manager Mr. Benlly Dues,
Because he who is responsible for your payment person, and I can
choose to send another payment today when it closed
Contact, Phone call him (+2347039297675 E-mail: Contact
Us, HIM, ideally located on the 5,000.00 USDs is empty you have,
Once picked Paid die 120 USDs today.

Below FIND die Western Union to Bern to die
Get get to 5,000.00 USD Information; Receive any
Sent day, Once your transmission range of 120 USD
and there is a re-confirmation of payment a file in their office

This displays information of the sender;

Money Transfer Control Number MTCN: (4680895364)
Senders first name: ____ OBALIMU
Surname: ____ Okechukwu
Amount: 5.000,00 USD
Question: In God
Answer: We trust

They are waiting with the transfer residual 120 USD is now,
use and You can ESTA information in order below the post
to operate
Transfer fees today.

Rename the recipient obi philip
------ Nigeria
State -------- EdoState
Quantity --------- 120 USD
Your.Question ---- START
You. Reply ----- TODAY
Sender Name ----
------------- MTCN?

Do we want a Merry Christmas, so 5,000 USDs to have ,, ideal
pick ,, perfect for you are among them 120 USDs 5,000 USDs in just
4mins Ok time message.

just wait in the western port after sending 120 USD once
The payment is confirmed, I will send you the bill chic 5000
Send USD ok.

His statement did 120 USD Transfer Clearance Certificate
is imperative we, as they threw me in fact the money that you
only, until you pay your payment in full. Effort, your
Email direct Since you die phone number to call when printing
Billing information, your information is sent down to
you.reconform that I know, sent a it is the right person.

Your full name: ............
Mobile: .............
Address: ...................
Country: ...................