Monday, June 22, 2015


419 scams

Attn: Beneficiary,

Greetings to you and your house hold.
I believe you have been expecting to receive an email from me regarding
your payment which was not paid to you by the past administration. Yes I am
talking to you about your unpaid fund and I was able to recover so many
unpaid files which your name is among the listed names I saw herein, and I
have found out that former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan wasn't man
enough to stamp his authority over those who are suppose to transfer your
fund to you.

I have been elected by my people as the whole world saw how my victory was
emerged, and it is expected because my people know what I am capable of
doing and I have done immensely well before as a Military Head of State and
my second coming as a Civilian President under Democracy will be much more
intense as I am not a party to corruption. So you should count yourself
lucky as you will receive your fund under my authorization and you will
follow my instructions and you shall be paid. Suspend every transaction
you are dealing with any one,you have as i have cancelled all foreign
payments and i am now handling them by myself and it is for your own good
to end corruption and save your stress as well.

I don’t have time to mess with you or anyone else, and I saw how much you
owned herein but I am going to make your payment very easy for you to
receive your fund. I have approved USD$10.5000,000.00 to be transferred to
you, I don’t want to know how much you are suppose to receive before, so if
you want to receive your payment, then you will be ready to off-set the
bill for PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE FUND BOND FEE of $480.00 and that is all.

I am doing this to end your long awaited payment, and if you are not ready
to heed to my instructions and receive your payment, please do not bother
to reply me as I will not entertain any such mail from you. I believe in
Change and Excellency in Democracy will always stand.

Yours Sincerely

General Muhammadu Buhari(G.C.F.R).
President Federal Republic of Nigeria.