Saturday, April 4, 2015


419 scams


I saw your email address through an online business directory during my search for an honest person and I contacted you personally because I seriously needed your assistance. My name is Sofi Boris; I am 20 years old girl and the only child of my late parents Mr. and Mrs. Boris ADAM. My father worked for many years with an oil and gas drilling company and he deposited the sum of Six million, four hundred thousand dollars (6.4M US$) in my name before he died in January 2012. and during this deposit, my father had an agreement with the bank that the money will not be given directly to me until I am 25 years of age or above. . Please I want you to help me transfer this money to your bank account for investments and also help me come over to your country to continue my education because my uncle wants to kill me and collect my inheritance money from me because I am a little girl. I have reported him to the local Police of my country (Ivory Coast) but the Police have not done anything to help me since then and my life is at big risk here in my country. I am writing this mail to you from a local

hotel where I am presently hiding for my safety until I travel out from my country after the transfer. I am willing to offer you 20% (1.280,000 US$) of the total funds as compensation for your help after the transfer and I want you to reply me urgently if you accept to help me so that I will send you more details.

Sofi Boris