Thursday, March 19, 2015


419 scams

Dear Friend,

I need a reliable businessman whom I will present to my company as the supplier in India to enable the management contact him to confirm availability of the chemical materials and issue him an official purchase Order, that why I decided to contact you for a business with the company I work with is into local manufacturing of animal drugs materials, there is a chemical my director Alhaji Mohammed ibrahim hassan , used to send me to India to buy but right now I have had a serious accident that has kept me in hospital for the past eight months, and our company can not send me to India again, they want to send junior staff and I don’t want my director to know the current price of the material because I used to add some money on top and sell to the company I work with,

I am contacting you since you are from India for you to stand as the sale in India, so that I will give my director you contact as the chemical supplier in India, and also give you main contact of local dealer in India so that you will buy from them and sell to the junior staff that will come on behalf of the company, the chemical current price is 250,000 India Rupees while I supply my director at the rate of $8,900 for one liter, I want you to understand that you and I will share the profit that we will make from my director if you are interested to handle the business,

Simon Lawrence