Friday, March 20, 2015


419 scams


May the greetings of Lord be with you in Jesus name Amen, Please Sorry if i hurt you as i wish to introduce myself why i am contacting you i am Mrs.Susan Evanovic Birwtovan from Russia based in Scotland , I got married to my late husband Mr.Evanovic Birwtovan from Russia who based and worked in Scotland as pipe line oil Contractor, we married for 11 years we couldn't produce any child and my late husband was an Contractor, my his soul rest in peace Amen.

Before his death two years ago I have been suffering from cancer of breast, which I have tried my best to have it cure but no solution after all the treatments which I have been taking, but to my greatest surprise some days ago my doctor told me that I may not live more than 2 months as the result of the sickness.

And My late husband deposited some money worth of $15.4 million dollars in one of the local bank here in Scottish Royal Bank Of Scotland which he eared from his contracts business before his death, now I decided to use this money to help the less privileges like poor widows, orphans, disables and build churches Temples as the result of my short stay on this earth since we couldn't produce any child to inherit the fund and our properties.

Due to Russian Government had problem with my late husband over his contracts payment he was asked by the Russian government to leave by President Vladimir Putin earlier 2004 we moved to Scotland with the help of Scottish Oil Russian Based Company.

I was touched in spirit to donate the money to you but as we haven't met each other God knows all why, to use it for the good work of God only.Please reply me soon for better explanation. As per my health condition i can't speak on phone e-mail is the only means i have to communicate with you now until i talk with my lawyer to complete the process please write me back immediately if you can handle this at:

I knew i have never met you but my mind tells me to do this with you and I hope you will act sincerely. there are many people who steal money from innocent people if you can't use this money as per my WILL please don't contact me because i have prayed to God and asked him that whosoever that handles this project will also benefit from the part of the money which i donated worth of $15.4 Million United States dollars please for any necessary questions concerning my late husband hard earned money please write me at my private given i.d.