Monday, November 18, 2013


Packet scams

Good Morning, How are you, I have been delaying my coming to the state
due to the late receive of the payment, I trusted you and That was why
I sent you the payment to handle it for me in order to make everything
done asap..Here is the fedex tracking number... 797143224103


You are expected to take the check to your bank and deposited for
48hours once received .once funds is available . You are to deduct
your first week payment which is $400 and extra $30 for your running
around expenses and have the rest money send minus Money Gram
Transfer charges) to the House agent via Money Gram Money Transfer In
order to make everything successful immediately without any delay

Here is the House agent details for payment.

NAME Robin William Byle
ADDRESS 1800 Coalton Road
CITY Broomfield
STATE Colorado
ZIP CODE 80021

Money Gram Service type to use : Money in Minutes

Sending Type : Sending to an Individual

After you have made the transfer, kindly get back to me with the
following information:

*Name And Address Of The Sender
*8 Digits ( Reference Number):
*Amount Sent:
*Amount Charged :

I will be glad if you can follow my instructions closely and i hope to
have a very healthy and stress-free employer-employee relationship
with you.

Thanks for your honesty. Hope to read back from you now