Friday, July 19, 2013


419 scams

I am Mrs. Laura Ben sending you letter from my sick bed in the
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Business Letter from Rowland J. Berger,
 CEO of Rowland J. Berger Strategy Consultants

Attn: Sir

 With all due respect and absolute sincerity, I present to you this business offer. Having realized how astonished you might be considering the manner in which your contact profile got to our office and also why such profile intrigued us, let me first of all appeal for your understanding, as the intention behind this proposal is a perfectly genuine one.
 My name is Rowland J. Berger, CEO of Rowland J. Berger Strategy Consultants. I have been consulted by a team of reputable top government Executives from one of the newly discovered mineral rich zones in Eastern part of Africa to source or identify (and scrutinize) a qualified, reliable and reputable investment fund manager in your country, who has the capability, qualities and relevant prerequisites to discreetly arrange transfers, protect and invest the sum of 55- million-U.S.D. (Fifty Five million USD) for a period of 10 calendar years. This team facilitates the award of various mineral exploration, construction and mainly oil lifting contracts in their region to various overseas contractors based on their personal interest. Surprisingly enough, they have indicated unflinching interest to invest in your home country for their own personal reasons.
 I am of the opinion and do strongly believe that you are aware of the recent discoveries of various minerals and large deposits of Crude oil in East Africa triggering the influx of foreign investors and explorers to the oil rich zone for various contracts. My clients are the top executives in charge of various oil based projects in the region and they have facilitated the award of quite a number of contracts to foreign based firms and in the process realized large volume of funds as compensation. They discreetly intend to remove the funds from where it is currently situated and invest same in your home country under the supervision and management of a qualified individual or institution. This is why I contacted you having done a thorough background check on your profile with satisfactory results. I have also thoroughly investigated all the government officials and verified the authenticity of the deal and source of funds hence I welcome you to this noble cause. This offer is not open to the public and for more information about the discovery of oil and other natural resources in East Africa please do kindly visit:
 The terms of the deal are as follows:
 1. 10% of total investment funds shall be paid to investment fund manager for every effort to discreetly facilitate the removal of investment funds from current location to investor’s home country.
 2. Upon investment of the remaining investment funds, 60% of all yearly profit shall go to investor’s purse while 40% of same shall go to investment fund manager’s purse and the investment capital shall remain the sole property of the investor.
 3. The project shall span for a period of 10 calendar years.
 4. The team is interested in stable investments yielding great returns yearly. They have stated that without limitations to other options investment fund manager may suggest, they are interested in the areas of tourism, Agriculture, stock, Real Estate, Property Rentals, IT, import and export, and Hospitality -Hotels.
 In this difficult times enshrined in uncertainties and harsh economic turmoil, it has become extremely difficult outsourcing reliable and reputable business partners overseas and it has also become rare finding legitimate businesses through the web. In as much as the above stated holds waters, I must also state that good businesses are still being conducted online every day and there are still good people in the world in these present times. I obtained your esteemed profile from your country´s trade publication and I am sure that It will not be a regrettable waste to give this offer that I unveiled to you a trial.
 To request details, proof of funds , identities, Memorandum of Agreement and other vital information in pursuant of this great deal please feel free to contact them directly at the email address: , subsequently; call them on their Direct Tel. number:  +256-793070351  or  +256-754416026 . (Attn: Tony Muyenga). Provide them also your mobile number and other contact details for speedy and effective communication including your corporate and company profiles.
 For further information about the discoveries of oil and other mineral resources in Eastern Africa please visit:
 Best Regards,
 Rowland J. Berger CEO of Roland J. Berger Strategy Consultants.
 Note: This is an authentic business offer requiring a proactive and committed individual hence do contact them urgently at the email address . Call them afterwards on their Direct Tel. number:  +256-793070351  or  +256-754416026 . (Attn: Tony Muyenga). Provide them also your mobile number and other contact details for speedy and effective communication including your corporate and company profiles.