Thursday, April 18, 2013


419 scams

Publication Agreement No. Approval / visa / 2316om / 28 CEO
England /

hi Mm / Me I hope you are well. research is that after we had Enamel address to send you to small message.Nous are looking for people who want to work in, our company (IWC) of international work in canada Angleterre.vous must answer for the information. Thank you and good day to you.


 Attention: beneficiary owner
 Good day sir / madam

 This is to acknowledge you that your e-mail address and your last name
 was found
 among those that has been scammed in the past, and a compensation have been
 approved in your favor by the Supreme High Court here in Kano Nigeria,
 and i was
 asked to contact you by the Nigeria president so i can direct you on how the
 fund will be release to you which is the sum of (3.5 million) united state
 dollars through a Diplomatic Courier Delivery and the fund as already been
 placed on an ATM CARD here in Bank of Nigeria in your favor.

 So you are strongly advice to contact the lawyer in charges of the fund with
 your full detailed information such as:

 1) Your Full Name:
 2) Your Home Address:
 3) Your Home Telephone:
 4) Your Mobile Phone:
 5) Fax Number:
 6) Your Age and Sex:
 7) Your Occupation:
Cool Your Alternative E-mail Address:
 9) Your Nationality:
 10) With your international passport, or drivers lances or state ID
 Card.ID card

 For more information on how the fund is going to be released to you, so i will
 want you to have in mind that this is 100% scam free which means you have
 nothing to worry about because we are now working with the united
 state FBI and
 Nigeria police force, and also I will want you to follow your transaction fund
 code which follow (LK74678FMY) and which is given to you directly by the high
 court of Nigeria for security reason.

 And I will want you to try and keep the giving code secret and confidential,
 because this code will ensure and Alert you in any day you receive any scam e-
 mail from this country. And as soon as you contact Mr.Charles Young with your
 full contact information requested, he will forward everything directly to the
 Nigeria Presidency Office for immediate issue of the approval letter of your
 fund as the rightful beneficiary owner of the said sum of (3.5 million) United
 State Dollars that was awarded to you by the Nigeria President.

 And here is the contact information of the lawyer in charges of the
 said Fund So
 you are advice to contact him in order for him to send you the scan
 copy of your
 ATM Cash Card so you can see it in person before the Diplomatic
 Courier Company
 can proceed with the delivery of your fund down to your location home address.

 And once again here is the contact information of the lawyer in charge of your
 fund which follows Below.

 Name: Sir.Charles Young
 E-mail Address:
 Direct Telephone: +2348155923625

 Please kindly proceed in Contacting him as regarding of the delivery of your
 fund to you by the Diplomatic Courier Service and i will advice you to do that
 immediately you receive this notice, and also it has been stated by the
 Government that any beneficiary owner will be responsible for his /
 her delivery
 charge fees so as to avoid any scam act or mis-understanding, if you
 can follow
 all instruction giving to you as directed and also complying your fund will be
 delivered to you from the Federal High Court of Nigeria, because as
 soon as you
 contact the lawyer in charges of This Transaction he will quickly alert the
 Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI) and also your state police for
 the fund to
 be deliver to you in good condition without any restriction or problem
 when the
 fund get to your location area.

 Best Regard.
 Dr. Micheal Larry.