Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Gold scams

Raw Gold For Sale

My name is Mr Micheal Koffi I am a local minner in my home town in Ghana. I would like to know your interest in the buying of raw Gold.

I have the capacity of supply for 50-kilos to 100-kilos a month.
Please let me know your interest, my prices is $35,000 usd for one kilo

I wish to bring to your notice an intention of mine to go into gold business ,It may please you to know that I have 500kg of solid gold to be sold, this is to enable me purchase the required tools for the work at our gold mining site at Ghana, Liberia and cote d ivoire.
Thanks and i will be waiting for your reply and we are also ready to welcome our buyers who wish to visit us here to withness the product before purchase.

Mr Micheal Koffi.