Saturday, March 2, 2013

No Let Up on Lotto Scammers

The Jamaican task force that has been set up  to go after lottery scammers has made major dents in their operations, working under the newly formed Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption (MOCA) unit. Giving an update on the successes, Minister of Justice, Senator the Hon. Mark Golding, says that members have seized important documents, equipment and machines used in lotto scamming activities.
“The Anti-Lottery Scam Task Force carried out some 39 major operations last year, which seriously disrupted several criminal networks engaging in scamming. The task force recovered lead lists with approximately 1.2 million names; arrested 367 persons, charged some 100 persons for related offences, seized $32.6 million in cash, 121 motor vehicles, 124 computers, 577 cell phones, 30 magic jacks and two illegal firearms,” the Minister reported.