Thursday, March 1, 2012


419 scams

Please Find Attached
Urgent Business Proposal

From: Mrs. Safia Farkash
Dear friend,

I am Safia Farkash, wife of the late Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was murdered by the unfaithful opposition leaders in my country recently. Before the sudden death of my husband, we managed to escape to a Neighboring country Algeria with the help of some loyal securities who took me and some of my family members to Algeria.

We have been under house arrest and close monitor since our arrival here which makes it impossible for me to communicate properly. I know that the Libyan new government will do anything at their reach to see that they confiscates all my husband's hidden assets in order to make life unbearable for my family. I am desperately looking for a foreign reliable partner whom I can trust with the sum of USD 18,000,000,00 (Eighteen million dollars) that was deposited in a Bank before the advent of this crisis that led to his sudden death and seizure of power by the oppositions. A deposit was made one time ago by my late husband in one of the financial Companies in Europe in my name. The UN and the Western world have freeze most of our assets and funds bearing Gaddafi's name anywhere in the world and we cannot afford to lose this fund to anybody again as it stand as our last hope of survival.

Consequently, our status/position of the present state does not permit us to open an account or run any huge financial business at the moment; hence I contacted you to claim the funds. The necessary Legal documents will be changed to your name to enable the release of the funds to you by the bank. Your assistance will enable us invest the funds in your country under your careful supervision, but before we proceed, I would want you to re-assure me of your honest and that you will not betray or abscond with the funds when it eventually released to you. My attorney will be in the position to render all the necessary assistance you might need to secure the release of this fund from the bank.

I would want you to maintain the entire topmost secret in this project as you are fully aware of our problem with the United Nation and the new Libyan rebel government. I am willing to give you 30% of the sum for securing the fund. I will meet you where ever you want me to meet you as soon as you receive the fund. For my 70% so that I can start a new and happy life

I will furnish you with more info as soon as I hear your response indicating your interest to partner with me. At present I don't receive or make calls for security reasons as it is being monitored. All communication is based on e-mail.

Waiting for your prompt and positive response.

Mrs. Safia Farkash Gaddafi


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