Friday, March 30, 2012


419 scams

Dear sir.

My name is James Kamara ,am from Angola here in Africa, but presently am here in Accra Ghana.

I work with Derckan road construction company here in Ghana, am a cook to the director of the company Mr.Derick Mckiern he is white man from the united state of America.

Please i want you keep these secret confidential and give me an advise on how i can come over to your country, to start a new life, for the past 4years am been working with this company.

The director of the company takes me as his wife he is a gay I stay with him in the same house in the company yard,he always make love to me as his wife.

Now the company is on strike for the past 6months the company have not pay their workers, it was last week the director of the company receive some contract money he made about $4.7million united state dollars,which to pay the workers.

The director brought the money to the house and put the cash in a safe box,he don't hide anything for me because am his gay wife , we counted the total amount confirm $2.4million united state dollars in the safe box clean and spend able money.

It was yesterday the director of the company went to a conference meeting but on his way from the meeting he hard an a serious accident with his car and died at a sport.

I was in the house phone was ringing and i picket up the phone, it was a doctor from the hospital and told me Mr.Derick Mckiern the director of Derckan road construction company is death.

Immediately as i receive the calls from the hospital i called Kwame Mensah the company manager.I told him director is death,on suddenly i saw many of the company workers started looting properties from the company, some are carrying different items from the company that the company is owing them 6 months salaries and now the director is death how can they have their pay from the company these was the reason their looting the company properties.

For me i don't want to reveal to the company manager about the money in the safe box,i quietly quickly move the safe box from the yard to a nearby village were i rented a room apartment nobody know am here with a safe box in the house.

America embassy come with Ghana police to take record of things in the company yard, there is a briefcase that contain some documents with $3.000 united state dollars cash,i did not tempered with the briefcase because the company manager is aware of the cash in the briefcase so i presented the briefcase with the cash inside to the America embassy.
Please i need an advise from you on how i can move the safe box from Africa to oversea, but i don't have the key to the safe box, please if you can buy a spider cuter machine and ship it to me, or you fly with the cuter and meet me here in Ghana, so we cut the safe box open and you will stand as the owner of the fund to transfer the money from Ghana to your country, here they respect white people you can come and help me out from Africa.

I will fly together with you to your country to establish with the fund, because i don't want to invest this money here in Africa they may set eyes on me i will give you 40% then 60% for me i wait to hear from you very urgent,please keep everything confidential with you,please reach me on this email:

I wait to hear from you very urgent.
James Kamara