Saturday, March 24, 2012


419 scams

Attn; Please,

On behalf of (Mr. Patrick Gerry Small) the CEO of Greystone Builders
Merchants in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, who is currently in Jail with
his wife

I am Barr. Peter Todd, a solicitor to ?Mr. Patrick Gerry Small? He
instructed me to contact you confidentially and negotiate immediately
with your assistance to invest his funds worth ?Forty Eight Million euro?
in a well profitable establishment of your choice without disclosing his
identity. This may sound strange to you and unbelievable and drawn thoughts
of asking why me, but the truth of is real.

We reached an opinion to request your assistance after we discovered
Ireland Government intention to confiscate my client funds deposited in
offshore account, the Judge of Crown Court in Northern Ireland Mr.
Justice Hart gave the charge after sentenced my clients (Patrick Gerry
Small, and his wife Mary Small) to jail. He said that the court had
been told that my client has stashed millions of euros in offshore
financial institution and salted the money away in undeclared offshore.
If the Judge Order carries out successfully my client and his wife will
be left with nothing and leave their three Children in destitute after
their jail term hence we I conclude you will be of good help and fit for
the job

For more understanding please click related sites and read for your

If you wish to assist him, please confirm me your wiliness by return
mail to enable me release to you the full proposal summary for your
perusal and what will be your profit.

Best regards,
Barr. Peter Todd
Address: Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
180 North Gower Street
London, NW1 2NB U.K.