Tuesday, December 20, 2011


419 scams

Potential Hire,

Our Human Resource Department has encountered your contact details for
potential employment. We currently have an open administrative position,
which will allow employees to work from their residence or personal office
(home). This position pays a standard salary of $2,000/month. Benefits are
available after a 3 month probationary period (medical/dental).
After 1 year of employment, employees will be available to advance to
available staff positions.

Brief Duties: Agents will support the company by handling transfers from
investors and clients located in their parent country. The agent receives
funds to their financial institution on behalf of the company. The agent
then proceeds to process the funds based on the company's procedures.

- Mobile Phone (with sms)
- Computer with internet (PC/Mac/or smart phone with internet)
- Transportation
- Bank Account (personal or business)
- 21 years of age or older (or 18+ if mature)
- Currently reside in the United States
- Ability to follow directions well

Apply: Vacancies are limited while there is still time. Interested
applicants should respond immediately. Your response should include your
first and last name, full address, and your contact number. A member of our
staff will contact you with more information. Following directions are vital,
so ensure when responding, to include all requested information listed above.
If you do not adhere to this request, you may no longer be considered for
this position pasted this point.

Be sure to submit your reply to apjohnson102@live.com

This employment offer is very serious. If you are not genuinely interested
in beginning work immediately, do not respond. We utilize a Hiring Firm to
eliminate fictitious employment inquires. After it is confirmed that you are
sincerely interested in the available position, we will forward you our
company details.

Best Regards,
April Johnson
Employment Services