Monday, December 5, 2011


Lotto scams

Black Berry Int
200 Bath Road
Slough, Berkshire
United Kingdom SL1 3XE

Our system tells us that you may be a possible winner with the right to claim a prize your Email address has won you ?1,500.000 GBP.
For inquiry Email ( ) with your NAME AND ADDRESS

Please verify your entry as soon as possible. All prizes not claimed will be entered into a new draw.

Make sure you do not miss out and check to see if you are one of the chosen few to enter a final draw.


Blackberry Promo

Dear Friend,

The G-20 meeting that was hold recently in France has appointed you through an
email electronic ballot system selection, that makes you the beneficiary of
1.2 Million USD in this year's annual financial meeting for the development
of your geographical area that will enhance the economic growth of
the society.

Please confirm your email to the G-20 Secretarial in Malaysia by providing the
below details.

Full Name:

Mr.Sani Mohamed.