Monday, December 12, 2011


419 scams

I have a business brief which might interest you on the instruction of a businessman in Moscow whose business interest spans crude oil refining, mining, construction, real estate and tourism.

We want to re-profile funds worth Eighty Five million euro from its present location via a bank in eastern Europe to a new investment location.

You will be paid eight percent for your 'management consultancy fees',if we are able to reach terms. If you are interested, email me at ( ) provide your tel no, private e-mail I will provide further details.


Mr. Patya Evgeni

After a long time of searching for my late client possible relative, I came across your last name which matches with his last name. He passes away five years ago in a boat accident. In view of this I seek your consent to present you as beneficiary to his funds $ 16.7m , There are claim file in Documents to enable you and claim the funds legitimately, if you interested, Please Contact Me with your names, age, Phone and Nationality for more Details on how to claim the funds.
Mr. Nelson Makada