Tuesday, May 29, 2018


419 scams

Office of the President of the Republic of Benin.
Rue 1132, Constitution Avenue
Zone A1 Central Area
P. M.B 535, Cotonou-Benin.

I am Dr. Patrice Talon, President of the Republic of Benin. This is to inform you that I am the last person to sign the documents of your Compensation Funds. This fund is supposed to be in your possession long time ago but you did not follow the normal process by obtaining the T.C.1-Form from this office. Please note without the presidential endorsement nobody will release your fund to you, that is the problem you have been having with all the people you are following. Your payment file APPROVED here is $15 Million US Dollars and the comment status here stated that you are a good person and supposed to receive your payment long ago but none the people you will dealing with told you the truth.

Currently the funds are deposited with Zenith Bank, Porto-Novo,Benin. These funds have been there for over a year now while they were waiting for you to come with the document. The TC.1 form is a Tax Clearance document. This Tax Clearance is required to certify that the Zenith Bank, Porto-Novo,Benin is sending the funds to you in accordance with International Financial Law and Constitution of the Republic of Benin; and that you have fulfilled all obligations of taxes before proceeding to receiving your funds.

This T.C.1-Form is to enable me as the President of Benin Republic endorse your payment file and your fund will be sent with immediate effect via any means of your choice; but I think bank wire transfer is the best and easy way to receive this huge amount of money. Moreover, this T.C.1-Form will protect you from International Law Agencies. That will be after the presidential endorsement and payment carried on through our paying bank the fund will be release to you legally. Bear in mind that before proceeding with and release the total amount of the fund to you, you must send the $49 USD fee.

Please we are waiting for you to comply by sending the needed fee of $49 USD for the T.C.1-FORM. Here is the information where to send the fee:

Receivers Name: Van Abib
Text Question: URGENT
Text Answer: TODAY
Amount: $49 USD
Senders Names : ====

Waiting for the payment MTCN# of the $49 USD.

His Excellency, Patrice Talon,
President of Benin
Born: May 1, 1958 (age 5Cool, Benin
Spouse: Claudine Gbénagnon
Education: Cheikh Anta Diop University
Presidential term: April 6, 2016 –
Office: President of Benin since 2016
Siblings: Jean Claude Talon
Email: ptalon986@gmail.com