Thursday, March 15, 2018


Job scams

The company Rapid inc is recruiting employees for the position of Custumer service

The company is a major provider of services, providing such services as:
Dropshipping, Warehousing, Logistics, Personal shopping service, Paypal shopping
service, Transportation and much more.

With our organization, you can now perform purchases via internet from your favorite
American stores regardless of where you live!
You can buy American products that you wish (shoes, clothing, electronics, household
items, sporting goods, supplies, whatever).

Advantages of work with us:

You can combine this work with other
You can do this work at home
You can do this work at any time that is convenient for you
You do not have financial risks

Position: Custumer service officer
Type: Home Based | Part Time
Salary: $2500 / month [$30,000 / year]

Also, we pay a commission of $50 for each processed order

To qualify for the post of Customer Service, the applicant must meet defined

- Good skills of communication
- Resilience to stress, psychological flexibility and sustainability
- Accuracy and attention to detail in the data processing, writable and digital
- High skills of using PC, knowledge of basic software: e-mail, MS Office and Internet
- Education: grade school
- Age 22+

If you are interested in our offer, please provide a cover letter with your contact
information on our email adress:
E-mail address and phone number for communication, we'll contact you and provide
detailed information and further guidelines.