Sunday, March 18, 2018


419 scams

We the Bank Central Asia writes with reference to your *Grant and
Inheritance Compensation Payment *in our safekeeping*,* it was moved to *Bank
Central Asia *from the* World Debt Recovery Committee* *(W.D.R.C**) **United
Nations and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) World Bank*, Valued
$9,200,000. Legally earn Contractual-Inheritance Compensation Fund,
legitimate and genuine, clean and cleared of non-criminal origin, We hereby
notify that your payment has been approved and reconciled.

The newly inaugurated *World Debt Recovery Committee* (W.D.R.C) has been
mandated to recover unpaid debts related to *Grant and* *Inheritance
Compensation Payment *owed to beneficiaries and companies across the global

Note: We received a telex signal to contact you as the accredited *Asian
Paying Bank* to make sure your legacy and claims is achieved also to ensure
you are served best as soon as possible..

The reason we communicated you is because you are next in line to receive
your payment, we hereby notify that your payment has been approved and
reconciled through our due process initiative.

Thank you for your understanding, your topmost co operation is highly needed

We anticipate hearing from you.


Mr. Armand W. Hartono

Director Foreign Remittance Department