Tuesday, June 13, 2017


419 scams

Hello Friend,

I have register your Cheque .But the manager of Bank Benin told me that
before the check will get to you that it will expire. So i told him to cash Fund
US$3.8 Millions through ATM VISA CARD all the necessary arrangement of
delivering the ATM was made with DELIVERY COURIER COMPANY.

Contact Them with information
EMAIL:( www.upsbenin000@gmail.com

This is the information they need to delivery your parcel to you.



Attention Customer,

This is to inform you that a Winning payment in the amount of US$4,000,000.00, (Four Million  United State Dollars) was legally approved and deposited with this Bank, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and it was deposited in your name by the Lottery  Board  Executive Directors Of Coca-Cola Company Canada Branch, and they instructed this Bank to credit this Winning direct to your private bank account with immediate effect, Meanwhile, the good news about your File now is that your Winning payment file with some of the legal documents backing this prize has been forwarded to the International Monitoring Fund (IMF) for final approval, And we shall proceed with the transfer immediately we hear from you because we were mandated to transfer this Winning to you as one of the winner whose the name is listed in the Coca-Cola Company Canada Lottery award.

However, Please note that Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) have decided and agreed together to send this payment to you by either bank Electronic wire transfer, online bank transfer or an ATM Card services depending the option you would prefer to receive this Winning for security purpose, so you are therefore advised to quickly get back to the management of this bank and let this Bank know the option you choose to have your Winning credited into your account to enable this Bank proceed with the claim process of your Winning.

In accordance with the provision of electronic funds transfer of sub sections 359(6) of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) bank allied matters act 1990, your wining will be transfer to your bank account within 5-hours, please expedite actions as the rightful winner, as the administrative overheads statement account valued added balance sheet have been issued in your favor. $4,000,000.00 USD Payment notification from Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC).

We wait your immediate response with your information below to enable this bank proceeds immediately with the transfer of your Winning as we were directed.

Full name .........
Phone number:......
Passport no:..........
Residential address...
Email address:........
Alternative email address:.....
Bank Name:.......
Bank Address:....
Account Number:..
Account Name:....
Routing Number:..

Please don't fail to fill this form above because it will help this bank a lot to make sure that your Winning transfer immediately. Secondly we are so sorry for our late respond due to we have a lot of customers to attend here, so please fill this form for the immediate transfer.

Yours Faithfully,

David I Mckay
The President and CEO.
Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC).
Head Office Location Address: 200 Bay Street,
Royal Bank Plaza,
Toronto, ON, CA, M5J 2J5.


We have deposited the check of your fund ($2.500`000`00USD) through Western
Union department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will
do is to contact Western Union director Dr.Mike danglo via E-mail(
western.unionmt450@gmail.com). He will give you direction on how you will be
the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong
transfer such as,

Receiver's Name_______________
Address: ________________
Country: _____________
Phone Number: _____________

Though, Mr. Franklin Moore has sent $5000 in your name today so contact Dr.Mike
Danglo call him +22998387438 as soon as you receive this email and tell him to
give you the Mtcn, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000 Please let
us know as soon as you received all your fund,

Best Regards.
John Green