Wednesday, December 7, 2016


419 scams

Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co., Ltd.
No. 1828, Yongqiang Avenue,
Wenzhou, Zhejiang,
Fax: +86707502352


In our quest for a professional to handle this Job for our
organization, we contacted the Administrator of Linkedin Professional
Network. Hence, we were able to get your contact email. We are sorry
if contacting you in this manner upsets you. You may ignore if you are
not interested. If you are interested in handling the Job for us,
please let us know. In order for us to go further.

I am Cheng Chen, Recruitment Manager of Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co.,
Ltd. Zhejiang Huayan Electric Company Limited has been a well-known
company in Zhejiang Province since 1986 when we were established. We
have been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and exporting
electrical goods for more than 20 years. As one of the biggest
suppliers, Huayan deals with low-voltage electrical products in varied
series (and also according to customers' requirements), including Wall
switches, Sockets & Plugs, Junction boxes, Lamp holders, travel
adaptors, knife switches, and Fans/Lamp holders etc. As you will be
sent a full schedule of our yearly export and net income on your
partnership and competence with us. Awarded ISO9000 certificate in
2000, Huayan carries on complete quality control procedure from the
raw material incoming to finished product delivery. With strong
quality control, rapid business feedback system and professional
workers, we are able to meet all customers' requirements as well as
offer OEM services.Our products are sold around the world, such as
Southeast Asia, the Middle East,
Africa, Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

Due to the increase in demand of our products in Europe, Canada and
North America, we decided to move our products fully into these
continent. We seek for a financial representative/account receivable
agent in your region to represent the company in financial
transaction. Part of the duty will be to manage finances such as
receiving overdue payment from our client in your region. For problems
encountered in the past with receiving payment from our client in
North America as it takes a month for Canada/America Check to clear in
China with huge federal Taxes, we seek to employ an agent in these
region to assist Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co., Ltd. to communicate and
also retrieval of overdue payments from our customers/clients who are
located in the above region.

We are been owed huge amounts of funds by our various customers in
Europe, America and Canada and some of these companies in question
have agreed to begin install mental payment. Presently, be informed
that we have approximately $4,165,090.00 worth of payment with
different clients from different regions in the United State of
America and Canada currently owed to Zhejiang Huayan Electric Co.,
Ltd. If you are willing to take up this position, you will be paid on
a commission basis of 5% on any fund received on behalf of our company
and also you will be placed on a monthly payment of $2,000.00 to
$5,000.00 based on your credibility if you are willing and ready to
assist our company without any illegal act. This position needs no
prior experience. If you wish to work with us, Please send me an email
to let me know so we can continue.

Mr. Cheng Chen
Recruitment Manager