Tuesday, July 19, 2016


419 scams


I need your cooperation in order to transfer into your bank account for our mutual economic benefits,US$18.2million over inflated contract proceeds.Meanwhile,I am Dr Hassan Musa,senior staff of the Nigerian Ports Authority.Therefore,my intention in reaching out to you through this medium is to seek for your assistance/cooperation in getting the over invoiced part of the total contract fund transferred into your bank account for our mutual benefit.

I already have every arrangement relating to this transaction diligently worked out hence you can be rest assured of 101% risk/hitch free transaction.I shall provide more details if/where necessary upon receipt of your favorable reply only on this my private email address bracketed(drhassanmusa01@gmail.com)

While thanking in advance for your anticipated favorable response to this proposition,I remain,

Your Sincerely,
Dr Hassan Musa