Saturday, July 23, 2016


Loan scams
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Kindly view attached Wonga Financial Loan Services for more details

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Deborah Ashley
Loan Application Consultant

Dear Esteemed Customer,

On behalf of board of Directors of Wongaa Registered Credit Provider.I, Deborah Ashley write to introduce Wonga Loans 2016 offers to you.

Wonga Loans is a Registered Credit Provider NCRCP5033, which offers variety of loan which includes; Personal loans, Home loans, Debt Consolidation loans, Car loans and Business loans.

Who may apply for such a loan?

Companies or individuals between the ages of21 and 65, who is permanently employed, and earning at least a minimum of 3,000per month can apply.

Wonga Loans Range: R5,000 to R1,000,000 (PERSONAL) R50,000 to R3,000,000 (HOME) R10,000 to R2,000,000 (DEBT CONSOLIDATION) R20,000 to R10,000,000 (BUSINESS)

OUTSIDESOUTH AFRICA: $ 5,000 to $1,000,000 (PERSONAL) $50,000 to $3,000,000 (HOME) $10,000 to $2,000,000 (DEBT CONSOLIDATION) $20,000 to $10,000,000 (BUSINESS)

Loan period (duration) and interest rates The repayment on your loan will vary from between 12 to 120 monthsand the interest will be charged accordingly. Wongapersonal loans are unsecured loans which also mean that no collateral or security from the individual is required, This ought to motivate a higher interest rates charged but we are offering this loan at just 3.5% FIXED INTERESTtoNew and Existing Customersfor the year 2016 and beyond.

REASONS TO CHOOSE WONGA : ˇ Pre-qualification in seconds ˇ A paperless process with no queues ˇ Instant cash loan of up to R500,000 ˇ Cash deposited within 24hrs ˇ Competitive rates offered 3.5% FIXED INTEREST ˇ Flexibility: 12-120 months to pay

How do I apply?
Businesses or Individuals interested in applying for a Wonga Loansor who simply require more information. TO APPLY, simply SEND AN EMAIL withyour ID Number, Full Names, Occupation, Monthly Income and Contact details (Cell number and email) Send your details to: ( : +27(0) 73 967 7864Fax: +27 (0) 86 585 0874

You must be 21 years old and above ˇ You must have a Valid ID or International Passport as a Foreigner You must earn a minimum of R3,000.00 monthly with a proof (Pay slip or ˇ Bank Statement) ˇ You must have a Bank account
GOODNEWS FROM WONGA Once your loan is approved, the money is deposited into your account within a day. Trust Wonga to offer you the best credit solutions based on what you can afford, and best of all, cater to your wants and needs. If you're looking for extra cash, for whatever you need, trust Wonga to make it possible.

We will always do our best to determine what you can comfortably afford to repay by taking your current personal financial circumstances into consideration and then set your loan amount accordingly. Refer to the Loan Options Table below which was calculated at 3.5% P.A Personal Loan as a mere guide. Choose the installment and loan term that suits you.
LOAN Total amount AMOUNT 24 Months repayable 36 Months
Total amount Total amount Total amount repayable 48 Months repayable 60 Months repayable

R 5 000 R 216 R 5,184 R 146 R 5,274 R 111 R 5,365 R 90.96 R 5,457
R 15 000 R 648 R 15,552 R 439 R 15,823 R 335 R 16,096 R 272 R 16,372
R 30 000 R 1,296 R 31,105 R 879 R 31,646 R 670 R 32,192 R 545 R 32,745
R 60 000 R 2,592 R 62,211 R 1,758 R 63,292 R 1,341 R 64,385 R 1,091 R 65,490
R 80 000 R 3,456 R 82,949 R 2,344 R 84,089 R 1,788 R 85,847 R 1,455 R 87,320
R 100 000 R 4,320 R 103,686 R 2,930 R 105,487 R 2,235 R 107,308 R 1,819 R 109,150
R 120 000 R 5,184 R 124,423 R 3,516 R 126,543 R 2,682 R 128,770 R 2,183 R 130,980