Saturday, October 10, 2015


419 scams

Dear Friend,

I am much glad to write you this message. Before I go on I will
introduce myself, I am Mr. Douglas Wilson, Personal adviser to the
Finance Minster, Federal Republic of Nigeria. I wish to inform you
that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it with
the seriousness/ private and confidential it deserves. This letter
must come to you as a big surprise, but I believe it is only a day
that people meet and become great friends and business partners. This
is a personal mail directed to you and I request that it will be
treated as such to secure my job. One has no doubt in your ability to
handle an international business of considerable TRUST, which may form
the bedrock of an extensive business partnership in the future.

Once again, Please, I advised that you should keep this E-mail very
private and confidential, as regards the truth matter holding your
over due funds not to release to you over years now by the Apex Bank
of Nigeria, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
Consequently, it was so painful to me when I want through payment list
and find out that your funds still pending without release due to you
have not provides the requires documentation as the ownership of the
said funds. I advised that if you will work with me I will assist you
to see that you receive your funds without further complaining.

But as soon as you receive your funds you will reword me with anything
that comes out from your mind, because I am not the greed type and I
am assuring you that you should not entertain any fear, I will do my
possible best with my position to see that you receive your funds like

Meanwhile, kindly send me your details as fellows:

Your full name, Banking details, Full residing or office address,
Telephone/fax number, Occupation, Age, A copy of your passport
including the amount you are expecting.

Please quickly send me all the details as I requested so that I will
use it to find out the real problem holding your over due funds not to
be release to avoid further mistake.

Thank, looking forward to hear from you so that I will advise you a way forward.

Yours faithful,

Mr. Douglas Wilson,
Personal adviser, Finance Minster
Federal Republic of Nigeria