Saturday, August 8, 2015


419 scams

Dear Sir,
With due respect, pleasure and almost sincerity I introduce myself as Mr. Eric Lim, a partner with Ludwig, Thomasson & Associate. We work as financial Advisors & consultancy firm. In the past two years I have being working closely with clients from the Gulf region and foreign financial securities. In the line of duty I had contacts with several leaders and politicians from the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

My present client is by law and political inhibitions not permitted to operate a foreign account talk less of doing business or having any incorporation or him being in the board of any company carrying on business. It was by this law and premise that he contacted me in one of this my official trip to Bahrain to assist him secure a fund.

My client will need your consent to upload such slush funds into your bank. Alternatively, you may wish to receive such funds as Unclaimed Deposit. Conversely, I can assist to upload into any of our offshore correspondent banks in "Your name" immediately to secure the funds first.

The principal will be shared on the basis to be agreed by both parties. Please, e-mail me your private phone number or a more confidential email address to discuss further details with you confidently and confidentially. Direct your correspondence to the email stated herein:-

I await your immediate reply. Direct your reply to:-

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Eric Lim