Monday, February 23, 2015


419 scams

Overseas Credit Commission
Sydney Street London

Dear Sir/Madam

Re Payment instruction(Part Payment $7.6 Million US Dollars)
This is international debt recovery and reconciliation office UK, our mandate is to settle all outstanding debt owe to contractors and individuals all over the world, thus this debt must have been originated from awarded contracts, inheritance and sweepstakes lottery, If you fall into this category of contractors, individual or lottery winners we advise that you contact this office immediately.

The directive came in line with the agreement reached in New York U.S.A with the International Moneytary Fund –IMF, World Bank London and Paris Club on creditors and overseas credit Commission for immediate settlements of all Intercontinental debts owed by various countries in Africa.

1. Date of Approval: 22-12-2014
2. Revised Remittance: Not endorsed.
3. Fund Endorsement payment code No AG-000087GXY-2F-PASS 2000101
4. Date of issue 29-01-2015
5. Bank Effect payment of beneficiary fund
6. International payment: Certifícate Code No:Not Endorsed

On receipt of your a responds to this email message, We will unvail to you full contact details of the payment officer who will be in contact with you for onward release of the said funds into any account you wish to specify. However, I will advise that you update this office on this matter regularly.

Best regards,

Linda Wong
Regional Coordinator
Overseas Credit Commission UK.

Apologies for the cold approach, I am a financial facilitator and broker to His excellency Ibrahim Hammoud Al-Mazyad.
I seek for beneficial projects for him and his organizations and will appreciate your response If you seek funding or loan for any interesting projects or business ideas.
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Thank you

Abdulaziz Al-Fureih
Financial Facilitator/Broker
The Arab International Investment Company (TAIC)
Al Seef District, P.O. Box. 5559, Manama -
Kingdom of Bahrain