Monday, February 16, 2015


419 scams

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to receive your email address & company details through my search of direct and reliable Manufacturers/ Distributors Agents.

However, my name is Mirghani Abdelrahim Isameldin,im a citizen of Republic of Sudan, a medical practitioner working with United Nations, I am stationed in Republic of Benin and Rep. Togo, covering the two countries at the moment. My primary aim of communicating with you has two objectives, firstly, I need your PRODUCTS, Im newly appointed for a contract worth of Millions of Dollars, I will not mention the amount here for security reasons. This contract was awarded by UN to Supply foods products like, Rice, Sugar, Canned Sardine/Beef, Frozen Chicken/Fish, Milk powder, Veg Oil,Soap,Detergent, Pharmaceutical Products and material products, like Cloth both new and secondhand, Etc; to Refugee Camps in nine countries in West African Region for 3 & half years.

I need a genuine established reputable Company that I can engage into constant and steady purchase of those products listed above in a very large quantity.

Terms and conditions of payment: We agree to release 70% upfront after signing of the purchase contract agreement. Supplier Must Be At Present In The Credit General Office In Lome Togo West Africa To Sign The Purchase Contract Agreement For Three And Half Years Constant Shipment. After signing agreement, Credit General Officials we take both of us to bank for the transferring of 70% to your nominated bank account. After that you will return back to your country to start the shipment. Partial shipment is allowed.

Right now I would like to know the type of products you have in stock. Mention the products names, quantity you can supply monthly, gives us price quotations in C&F Cotonou Sea port, Port of Kpeme Lome and Port of Sudan Green Harbour.

Be informed that face to face meeting for signing of the contract in Credit General Office in Lome Togo is inevitable/ unavoidable to avoid Fraud and the transfer of 70% will be done via T/T Wire Transfer in your present immediately we conclude the contract agreement endorsement.
In case you were not able to fly down due to maybe your condition of health or business engagement tied up, we can consider signing the contract with you but in one condition of payment. You will receive 70%TT upon Scan copy of Bill of Lading, and balance 30% after we received original BL in Credit General.

Contact me with your full name, Company name, address, direct Telephone number and Mobile if you can handle the contract.

Waiting for your urgent communication.
Best regards
Dr. Mirghani Abdelrahim Isameldin
Direct Tel. where i can be reached any moment
00229 67252137
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Skype ID: mirghani.isameldin