Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Lotto scams


I like to officially congratulate you as a lucky winner, in this year BMW LOTTERY AWARD which was held last

month by the BMW LOTTERY DEPARTMENT. BMW company holds promotions each year just to promote global publicity

and reputations as part of the plan to exploit more corners of the world with our high value of product lines.

This promotion is just one of the various ways we are presently using to achieve this global vision.

Your email address with the MICRO ID: PLD-5693-HTY-76254Ul-43FE was luckily drawn to be one of the lucky winners

for the price of a Brand New BMW 2014 Active Hybrid 3 model: which is worth $49,000 USD in any BMW Store and cash

prize of $1Million United State Dollars.This money and gift we believe will enable you make some impact in the

society and possibly invest in our company in the near future.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system (ESS)

from a database of over 2.5 million email addresses drawn from all part of the continents of the world which you were

also selected. The BMW Lottery award was approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International

Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

To begin the processing of your prize you are to contact our fiduciary claims department for more information as

regards to the procedures to claim your prize.

Contact Name : Mr. Richard Colin

Email: 2947502483@qq.com

Contact him by providing him with your secret pin code Number BMW:4661256703/06/14. You are also advised to

provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:

1. Name in full.

2. Address.

3. Age.

4. Occupation.

5. Phone/Fax.

8. Email address.

9. pin code Number

For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your

claim is processed and your prize money remitted to you. This is part of the precautionary measure to avoid

double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements and equally to guard

against non participant or unofficial personnel taking undue advantage of this program.

Note That: All winnings MUST be claimed before the STIPULATED TIME(ON OR BEFORE 20th OCTOBER 2014) otherwise

all funds will be returned as Unclaimed, and eventually be reabsorbed into our next lucky dip sweepstakes.

The only thing you will need to pay to this company is to kindly place our company logo on the car (BMW) that

you have just won for a minimum of six (6) months.