Wednesday, December 18, 2013


419 scams

Do not be surprised by receiving this email. I intentionally sent it to you. I am begging for your assistance for the transfer of US$12.5Million.For introduction sake, I am the financial controller in charge of the sales of crude oil in my country. This position has offered to me the opportunity to acquire the sum of US$12.5Million.

I have the problem of keeping this US$12.5Million in my local bank account because as a civil servant, I earn salary monthly and my salary for a 100 years cannot be up to US$12.5Million.If I bank the US$12.5Million,it will be noticed and the government will seize it. So I am soliciting for your help so you can provide for me your bank account to enable me transfer this fund to you. Please I am under serious need for a foreign partner who will agree to receive this fund. I have all logistics to declare that the US$12.5Million belongs to you so I can transfer it to your bank account.

Please while replying, include your information:

1.Your Full names.
2. Your address.
3. Your telephone and fax numbers.
4. Your occupation.
5. Your age.

As soon as I receive your email reply, I shall resume communication with you and arrange to meet with you to conclude this transfer as we must meet to have trust for each other before I can transfer this fund to you. Get back to me.

Dr.Azeez Qudus