Thursday, December 26, 2013


Love scams

Hello Dear,
My name is Amelia. I got your contact today and i become interested to knowing you and be your friend please i will like you to contact me back through my email( )or send your email addresse so that i can contact you back then we can know each other better i will also tell you more about my self in my mail box i hope to hear from you


419 scams

Nothing is ever all to play . There is never a single
road, one destiny. You should know we can, we must choose
but we must want to choose , believe that this is possible. Fate
it is with his own hands that build it, it is always
open road . As long as there is breath of life , he has hope
choose and change . I'm here to prove that we sometimes
printing fight for an ideal that is not reached
living . Perhaps he would never achieve. But we know we
spend and this allows you to find meaning in our vie.Veuve QUEEN
CHERVALIER , I heart the greenhouse as I am affected by a disease.
Being childless widow , I would like to leave a sum of ( 1025
$ 000 ) . I'm afraid the rest of my fortune to be a mess after
deaths . Sure I do not know you , but after a long
reflection and through my prayers, I took this decision you
Contact . This fortune elsewhere and better serve to benefit
other people who are most in need rather than
care that are not in fact ruin my life . So please
to accept the offer that I want to gracefully at your
provision So if you agree so I await your response
my message on my private mail: Please
pray for me because I am in a critical situation.