Tuesday, February 19, 2013


419 scams

My name is Hussain Al-Sheik from Kingdom of Bahrain and own a Company in Libya which has been folded since the commecement of the War between Government and Revolutionaries. I am contacting you after viewing your profile here as I want to invest in your country which am seeking for a reliable partner who can manage my company over since my own country is into crisis as well.
Libya and My country has been into crisis since February 2012 and all our business is being paralyzed which made my company to be loosing so much and in this regard want to relocate my company to your country. I want to invest with you and need your assistance at this present condition which we are passing in Libya. This involved huge amount.
Right now I am looking for a trustworthy and reliable person who will assist to receive huge sum in your country for investment. What I want is for an investor who can assist to receive and secure the amount in your country for proper investment of the fund.

The idea ofthis message is to officially introduce myself formally to you. As i stated previously, my name is Dr. Mr. Alshaikh Majid Hussain, I am Kingdom of Bahrain citizen . I was Financial adviser and business associate to the Libyan late president family and coincidentally, Gadaffi and son was assassinated. May their soul rest in peace.We are currently in Bani Walid boarder between Libya and Niger Republic where Late Gadaffi son are seeking asylum and internet services are very big problem in the desert here, so understand that I will not be writing always as distance for me to get internet services is far and am using public internet which is not good for me to avoid exposing myself here

Lastly, I must inform you that internet is not the right place to communicate over this deal but as situation warrant. So in this effect, I will be glad if a meeting will be scheduled to enable us have a face to face discussion.

Your indication of interest to this great opportunity proposal shall be highly appreciated as I will be glad to receive your response and answer to my email as below,
1...Do you have the Financial Ability to help us sponsor the transfer process which after the transfer the gold shipment follows?
The fund will be transferred bit by bit into your account if you are ready and capable to handle it.?
2.. Do your account have the ability to accommodate the fund?
3.. The fund is completely out of Libya and will communicate to you where the fund was lodged presently upon your response?
4.. What is your nationality?
5.. What is your present position in your office?
6.. What area of investment do you think this amount will be invested?
7.. Have you received money overseas before?
8.. What is your full name
9.. What is your phone and mobile.
10..Do you know or have idea of Gold Bar and Dust?
11.. Do you know any buyer who can travel down to where the Gold is lodged to enable him see, pick up sample straight to the refinery to confirm the purity before discussing on the affordable price to be given.
12.. The quantity is valued 250 Gold Dust Kilos and 125 Kilos Gold Bar which was moulded in A kilos each.
Commodity: Unrefined Gold (AU)
Form: Metal Bars And Dust Form
Purity : Ninety One Point Sixty-Six Percent (91.66%) plus,unrefined (Gold Dust)
More Info: Non Hallmarked Refined Gold at 99,99% (Gold Bar)
13. Finally, I want to know more about you?

We shall discuss about your commission and benefit for your assistance and being my sponsor. Any amount you spend during the process of the project will be refunded back to you before taking your own commission/benefit. This should be discussed in the next response once I hear back fro you to enable you know your own percentage.
Email me back direct at ? hussainalshaikh@ymail.com
Call me back direct at? +27 733 814044

Love scams

Hello from Miss Rita Oneil.

Hello dear, how are you today? i hope you are keeping good. My name is Miss Rita Oneil (female), I saw your contact today so, i decided to extend my greetings to you. Presently i can not really specify what prompted my drive to write you but,i did have the mind that you could be a nice person. I have the interest to meet people from out side my country. It is my believe that there are nice people out there who can appreciate the values of friendship. Personally, i receive your yes response. Please get back to me through my id ( rita4poneil@yahoo.com ) My regards to your family where ever you leave. Your new friend, Miss Rita Oneil.