Friday, August 10, 2012


419 scams

I hope this message will find you in your best of health. It is not my intention to introduce myself to you through this unconventional means. I unassumingly solicit for your utmost consideration. I am Mrs.Harriet Hossanmi Din Gh, a widow to late Mr Gaius Hossanmi Din GH who died in an Egyptian airline 990 with other passengers on board.

I lost my first pregnancy because of the trauma and became sick of Cervix Cancer with associated illness resulting from years of loneliness and childlessness. As a result, I dedicated my life to minor charity work and since then, I have been in and out of the hospital. Believing God to see me through in the proposed medical surgery which the doctors are deciding because of the deteriorating state of my health, I have decided to fulfill a vow to give out the deposit which my late husband had left me and the ever hoped child. Please bear in mind that you must show honesty and personal commitment in this humanitarian project with focus on human development through building vocational centers, health and others. The aim is to engage the less privileged and the depressed in productive and social activities that will make them feel loved. By so doing, you will not only sustain them and the project but help them to build and reshape their future for better society which we all had dreamed. Therefore, my prayer is personal commitment to this mission even when I am not physically present pending when I am completely recovered from the proposed surgery. For your assistance in handling the project, I will map out certain amount for your personal use from the deposit and and will provide you the legal document to receive the deposit as my trustee. I request you to send your personal information to enable me inform the fund manager to process the release of the deposit to you. This is to ensure that my health condition do not in any way interfere or hinder the mission during my recovery period. I look forward to your mail with your personal information, include a phone number in your information so I can speak with you.
Be blessed.
Harriet H. Din GH