Friday, February 10, 2012


Job scams

Company: The Hilton London Metropole Hotel United Kingdom.

Hilton London Metropole hotel
225 Edgware Road, London, United Kingdom W2 1JU

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The Hilton London Metropole Hotel located in London, United Kingdom, herby advertises through this medium on different job openings and vacancies. The openings are sequel to our new five hotel branches recently opened in different cities in London. The hotel Management will provide your flight ticket to London and you are entitled to free accommodation, free medical care, Also The hotel management will as well, help you to get your Visa and Working permit to UK through UK immigration office here in UK ,when you start your work with us.And Send your CV/Application to:

Best Regards,
Hotel General Manager
Assistant Manage

We hope this notification arrives meeting your good health and state of mind in peace as expected. I am Hon. Dr. Derrick L. Albert, the Executive Chairman Foreign Contract Award Committee and the Central Regional Head Unit Pay-Master General, my office directly monitors and also controls all local & international pending and ongoing transactions affairs with the monitoring support of other concerned financial stake-holders, federal organizations, ministries and private sectors globally that has to do with all delayed and yet unpaid foreign contract payments and other yet unpaid owed debts payments which includes yours as appeared on our Central Payment Confirmation Hard Disk Data Records, as an unpaid entitled payment, this was how your name/info was discovered as the true bonafide beneficiary who is due to receive the entitled payment legally after due processing, which is why i am sending you this mail to further update/guide you through this whole process legitimately, which is in accordance to the {N

To start with, I am the final signatory to any transferring or delivery of all discovered yet unpaid large sum of money own to various beneficiaries around the globe moving within
banks, both on the local level and the international standard which are in line with all delayed and yet unpaid Foreign Contracts Debts Payment Settlement, with-held ATM Cards Payment, intercepted Diplomatic Consignment Trunk Boxes, e.t.c which includes yours, So get back to me on telephone with my below direct line immediately you receive this mail, so i can guide and further protect you in other for you not to run into the wrong hands of some groups of corrupts officials and scammer's in the process of you trying to complete the finalization of your pending transaction legitimately to avert you from going contrary to the "2012" new laid down law and policy of the International Monetary Law which goes against any international inheritance/next of kin claims.

However, this particular payment was deposited with the following certified Deposit Proof of Ownership Payment File Registration Reference Number: (DPT-REG-CODE- NO/568KG-SEPT-1999) as an inheritance claim willed to your name by a deceased contractor who died in a Plane Crash on the 31st of October, 1999, with other passengers on board, but luckily for you, we discovered your name in his personal "WILL FILE" as his Next of Kin after his regretful demise, but for more inquires, you can go through the "Passengers Manifest" on the website as follows:

We do hope you are very much aware of the main purpose why this over-due inheritance entitlement was deposited with this Bank in your favor which as you may know, these
fund in particular is meant to be disbursed by you in accordance to the earlier agreement entered into between your deceased depositor and our noble office as at then. If you
must know, before his regretful demise, we were made to understand you were to be his Next of Kin and beneficiary to the deposit, where-in he specified his desired method and
intention on how he wanted you to complete his dreams and good work when he is no more, he made it clear to us that you are to disburse 60% of the total $8,500,000.00USD
(Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) into sponsorship of various Charity works in troubled regions around the globe and also that you should use 25% to render
financial aids to the homeless children and widows in Africa, while the remaining 15% will be yours for your personal keep for taking your time to overseeing the project as

So you are advice to respond back to this email immediately you receive this notification as a matter of urgency and ensure you give me a call on my direct private "24" hours hotline as follows: +234-7056577250, for further payment advice, directives and proper guidelines about the release of your fund either by delivery means to you or via bank to bank transferring process or via a confirmable approved ATM Bank Card, which you can use in withdrawing money from any ATM Card Teller Machine in any part of the world, get back to me by indicating the method in which you prefer best to use in receiving your just RECOVERED yet unpaid payment out of the "3" mentioned method stated above, because your ANSWER will also help us protect and prevent you from losing your RECOVERED payment to somebody else bank account or have it delivered to a wrong payment beneficiary address.

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So, kindly re-confirm the following information's and other relevant particulars of yours to this noble office to convince us beyond every reasonable doubt that, you are truly the rightful owner of this particular email id we use in communicating with you to avoid any form of future complications, impersonation or outright cancellation of your just recovered sealed funds. {1.} Your Full Correct Residence or Office Address {2.} Your Identity such as your recent, International Passport (or) Driver’s License {3.} Your Area of Specialization {4.} Your Years of Experience & Age, while working, {5.} Your personal contact Office, Residence and your direct reachable Mobile numbers which must also be a valid working reachable numbers, these are the important information's required from you before we can be able to process the hitch free release of your contract inheritance long delayed funds to you legally.

Please read through this mail properly to enable you understand every content WORD for WORD before you get back to me on phone for full details and proper guidelines of what
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so call me now if you know you don't want to lose your payment out rightly if I do not hear back from you as you have been directed in this mail via my direct personal number as
follows: +234-7056577250,

Waiting for your reply soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Honorable Dr. Derrick L. Albert,
Chairman Foreign Contract Award Committee &
Central Head Unit Pay-Master General of Federation
My Direct 24/Hrs Hot Line To Call: 011-234-7056577250