Sunday, November 6, 2011


Lotto scams

We Wish to inform you that your email address on
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Dr. ROONYN JAMES: Congratulations once again.
Yours Sincerely,
(Web-Email Information Manager)

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Mr Philipe Johnson.

Product scams


Good day to you.

I am , one of the community Chiefs, a gold mining community called Tarkwah here in the
Republic of Ghana. This community is having a large quantity of gold deposit.

Here are the quality of our product:

Quantity: 550 kilograms available monthly
Quality: 22. karat alluvial Au
Origin: Ghana , West Africa
PRICE :15% Less of world market price

Thus we can provide service to any part of the world.We are capable to offer the quantity
of gold dust and bars required to the Buyer upon their arrival here in Accra Ghana.

Should you be interested, get back to me for our Full Corporate offer.

Best Regards.

Raymond Dogbe

419 scams

Hello I will like to place a quick order with you to my location here in Beirut,Lebanon.Please advice if you can have it shipped to me.In regards to shipping my order,i will advice the best and easy way to have my order shipped to me in-case you might want to have difficulties sending orders to my location.Please also advice if you accept visa or master credit card cause i will be paying with my credit card.Let me know soon so i can place my order right away.