Wednesday, August 24, 2011


419 scams


This message is strictly confidential and is for your attention only. And I am making this "Mutual Proposition" to you as a trusted and reliable person who can be capable to handle this transaction with me.

My Name is Paul Daogo. I am an account officer with the Bank Of Africa here in my country. There is a dormant account in the above mentioned Bank with abandoned sum of $7.2M USD (Seven Million,Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only).

I discovered about this account while going through some old files in the records, and nobody operates on this account for long time now. The money is going to be forfeited for nothing if nobody come to claim it as soon as possible, and i don't want that to happen that's the main reason I contact you today. This account belongs to one MR.JOSEPH HARRISON. He is an AMERICAN NATIONAL but resided here before his death. Through BOA investigations, the man died since 1999 and since then the account is dormant and nobody came as the deceased next of kin to claim his money.

I contacted you because we have 100% chances to inherit the fund with my position in the bank here instead to allow it get forfeited for nothing. I would have done this deal alone but this money cannot be approved to me or any BURKINABE PERSON here, but can only be approved to any foreign person because the money is in us dollars and the owner of the account is a foreigner in this country. I don't want the total fund to get forfeited for nothing so I want you to assist me moves the fund out of the Bank Of Africa into your account for the helping of the Orphans and our mutual benefits too as you know that nothing goes for nothing.

Before I contacted you for this I have perfected all the strategies that will ensure a successful transfer of the total fund into your account. This is legal and hitch-free transaction so you should not be afraid of anything. After this money must have been achieved,we shall share 60%, and 40% should go to Orphanage home for the helping of the orphans. I need a strong assurance that you will not betray me or let me down hence the fund is transferred into your account.

I am waiting for your urgent and positive response for the take off of the transaction.

Thank You.

Mr.Paul Daogo

FROM MR Wilfried Sena.

Dear Friend,rm the genuineness of the deceased death by clicking on this web site world/europe/859479.stm

Hence , I am

This message might meet you in utmost surprise. However, it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I am a banker by profession from Burkina Faso in West Africa and currently holding the post of Director Auditing and Accounting unit of the bank.

I have the opportunity of transferring the left over funds ($ 10 million USD) of one of my banks client who died along with his entire family on 31 July 2000 in a plane crash. You can confi inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 60/40%. If you agree to my business proposal.

Further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as i receive your return mail.

have a great day
Yours sincerely,
Mr Wilfried Sena.

Good day,

I am Mr.Vincent Cheng Hoi Chuen, GBS, JP Chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. I have a business proposal of USD $22,500,000.00. Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Mr.Vincent Cheng Hoi.