Tuesday, August 16, 2011


419 scams

Complement of the day to you my dear,

Do kindly allow me crave your indulgence in introducing myself to you, I
go by the name Mrs. Diana Khalid, I'm a 59 years old widow diagnosed of
colorectal cancer. I was lawfully married to Late Engineer Abdul-Hamid
Ghassan Khalid, who naturally died after a brief illness. My husband was
quite a loving and hard working person as he was into private engineering
practice before his death, but he unfortunately passed away leaving me all
he laboured for his entire life. Our life together as Husband and wife
lasted for thirty years without a child and due to our helpless state of
childlessness, my husband and I vowed to uplift the Less-privilege and
helpless orphans as he had great passion for persons who can not help
themselves due to physical disability or misfortune. I can adduce this to
the fact that he needed a Child from our fruitless marriage, which
unfortunately never came. Most Recently, my surgeons admited to the
medical fact that I've only got limited number of days to live due to the
resurfacing of my cancerous ailment and my battle for survival has been on
ever since I was diagnosed of this deadly desease. What really bothers me
the most is the fact that my cancer surgical doctors have successfully
carried out all possible cancer therapies including cancer chemotherapy
and the last one was called radiation but my state has remained helpless
as yet, they have therefore suggested I be referred to hospice, i.e.
cancer intensive medical care unit. And I'm afraid I may just have to
accept the obvious fact that I've only got little or no chance of

In anticipation of this tragic and quite unfortunate reality that has
befallen a widow like myslef, I have decided to make a selfless donation
of the entire funds derived from my late husband's vast estates and
investments in capital market to you and I want you to use this gift of
Good-Will which comes from my husbands effort to fund the upkeep of
widows, widowers, orphans, destitute, the down-trodden, physically
challenged children, barren-women and persons who prove to be genuinely
handicapped financially. Our bank recently estimated the funds to have
reached an aproximated sum of twelve million great britain pounds
(£12,000,000.00). I've therefore taken what I consider the biggest
decision of my life, to use this money in touching and affecting the lives
of does in dear need of it because that's exactly what I consider true
generosity, you give your all, and yet you feel like it cost you
absolutely nothing. Give, and it shall be given to you For whatever
measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return. I have
therefore been touched by the Almighty to take this kind hearted decision
of giving in the spirit of true selflessness since I do not have any child
of my own that will inherit our wealth, except for little Sarah and
Elizabeth whom I adopted some years ago after the death of my husband
because I actually needed some one around to show motherly love and care,
they will both clock 5 and 7 this year and are doing pretty well in their
studies because I have made them a Trust-Fund that will be more than
enough to see them through school and thus secure them a very bright
future. I feel so fulfilled each time they both call me "mum", how nice...

I must also have to admit to the fact that my late husband's relatives are
bourgeois and never approved of the idea of him getting married to an
English woman, and I do not want my husbands hard earned wealth to be
misused or invested into ill perceived ventures, so I want to avoid a
situation where this money will be spent in an ungodly manner, hence my
reason for taking this bold decision. I will die a happier woman when
given the full assurance that quite a reasonable share of my late
husband's wealth will be used in turning around the life of the needy in
our society and I would be most greatful if you would find it in your
conscience to help set up and run a charitable home on my behalf. I am not
afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I can't possibly take any
telephone calls in this regard due to my deteriorating state of health. As
soon as I get a word of acceptance from you I shall immediately provide
you with further instructions on how to secure release of the funds from
my bank. I will also issue you a letter of Authority that will empower you
as the original beneficiary to the funds. My greatest joy is that I lived
a life worthy of emulation. Do please assure me you will be making very
good use of the funds in absolute accordance to my humanitarian wish and
though I haven't met with you in person but the Spirit of God has asked me
to go ahead and do this, I therefore trust and hope you pursue this noble
charitable course by reaching out to the less-privileged once in your
locality. May you be granted the much needed courage to take up this
humanitarian course for the benefit of those in dare need.

You are to immediately get back across to me on my personal email:

Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Diana Khalid.

Lotto scams

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