Sunday, October 7, 2018


419 scams


I am writing you on a personal note and I will want this communication to remain
between you and me, due to my position. I do not want my sincerity and concern to

against me and this is why i am writing through my personal email instead of my
official email, to guide against being monitored.

am a member of a security outfit here in United States of America. am appointed
among the officers designated to monitor/investigate fund brought into United States
from Africa in cash.This investigation have been on for the past 16months and a lot
have been discovered. these funds were sent to America for payment of their winning

In execution of my job,i found your fund, packaged in Metal Trunk Box weighing
approximately 110kg (W61 x H156 x D73 (cm)effective capacity: 680 L.) Approximately.
Your information was also written/tagged on it. On the other hand, our Agency found
out that this fund was scheduled to be delivered to you

Subsequently, i found out from my investigation that you were lured into this by the
people who engineered the dispatch of this fund into USA. They possibly have told
you lies that they have documents protecting/permitting them to dispatch this fund.
When i found out that you were ignorant of their ill intention, I decided to write
and inform you of this. They did not actually wanted to move this fund to you,
rather they placed you as the beneficiary, to use your name and protect themselves.
Meanwhile, they have perfected plans to divert this fund to a designated person in
the USA who will receive the fund and invest for them. Due to their quest and wicked
intention, they did not consider the fact that it would be difficult for them to
actualize this, base on the prevailing Law hence, on spotting the high security
network, they abandoned it and left. They wanted you to finance the cost of
dispatching this fund and this is why they were demanding series of money from you
and end up without result.

I can use my position to get this fund package to you if you are sincere and promise
to keep this only to yourself. I sincerely want this communication to remain
private, due to my position and not to be discussed with anyone no matter how close.
I do not want to say much until i here from you. There is no reason to exercise any
fear whatsoever,as i assure you that i will handle this in such a way that, there
would be no trace or implication at all,now and in the future. I wait to hear from
you. If you are not interested in working with me, please disregard. But do keep
this communication private.