Thursday, December 28, 2017


419 scams

FBI Headquarters,935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001,202 324-3000


Attention Email Owner.You are in contact with Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation under the International operations hereby bring to your notice that your name is in the list of FBI and UNITED NATION (UN) Scam Victims to compensate. Please read the following.

This is to officially bring to your notice that the Scotland Yard Police,the global INTERPOL of 192 countries, Federal Bureau of Investigation( FBI), the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other Crime Fighters have come together to stop scam/internet fraud all round Africa, United Kingdom, Spain,and some other Asia countries. We have recovered over USD$ 865 Million Dollars from the people we have behind bars. Our duty is to make sure we stop internet scam and money laundering. As for today we have put a lot of fraudsters in jail.

This operations started during the regime of former FBI director Mr. James Comey.

We go all round to pick this internet rats, we have over 8,273 (inmates) of them in our jail around UK and Africa and we are still looking for more. We are aware that a lot of foreigners out there have been deceived and lost their hard earn money to these fraudsters after promising them percentages in their letters/e-mails for their impending help to move funds out Africa or other countries including promise them love and marriage over the Facebook etc, at the end of the day, they will collect thousands of dollars from you without a successful end.

It was agreed with the United Nation(UN) that to retain the good image of the United States, United Kingdom, and some other Africa countries, all the victims who lost his/her hard earn money to these faceless thieves will be compensated with just USD$2000,000,00 (Two Million Dollars). Please, we apologize that you should take the offer as little as it is due to the fact that (victims) in our pay list are too numerous. We en-back on this pay back from the money we recovered from these fraudster. We can assure you that above 50 people allover the world have received their compensation payment as of within this 7 working days.

The following is required as part of your cooperation with us:

Ø You should suspend further communication with any involved internet transaction.Your disobedient to the given instruction would suggest that you are in support and or one of the money laundering going on all over the world and the rightful action would be taken against you with immediate effect.

You are advice to contact the payment appointed Bank (NORTHERN TRUST BANK) New York,United States. Contact Mr. Fredric I. Morris, H.O.D Payment department Northern Trust Bank for further directives on how to receive your compensated sum.

Contact Mr. Fredric I. Morris, with below EMAIL ADDRESS.

Name: Mr. Fredric I. Morris.
Tele: +1 929 297-6404

Note: Compensation payment is valid for just one month.

Best Regards
Mr.Larry Jones
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI )