Friday, September 20, 2013


419 scams

Hello friend I know this email will surprise you. Please accept my offer for charity plans. I am a Syrian citizen. I was married to the director of (XIANYUI SEAFOOD LTD) in China and Cambodia. Am writing from one of the main hospital in Aleppo here in Syria. I have a contract for you. Me and my husband came from Cambodia 2011 February to setup our company branch in Syria before the war arises. I and my entire family was bombarded by the Syria regime soldiers. I lost my husband and my children. I am the only surviving person in the family. I am seriously wounded with the hope I may not survive this severe injury, according to the doctors. I don't know what may happen to me from this time. I decided to use the hospital computer and search for somebody with good heart to help me organize a foundation that will named XIAN FOUNDATION for the Syrian refugees, motherless, less privileged and the widows in your country. I pray Allah to help us. Presently I can't receive any call for now or to reply you. If you are interested to help me for this charity organization in your country, I will offer you $10,1million. 12% will be for you, while the other funds should be use for the charity organization. Please feel free to contact my lawyer in charge of the funds. He will direct YOU to the bank and arrange the transfer document of the funds from my account to your preferred account as the beneficiary of my funds. My lawyer contact is stated below Barrister. Kamara Osman E-mail: TEL- :+85570981882 Please note that my lawyer will check on you as a trustee to make sure the fund was utilized according to my last wish. Without your reply in a short while, I will source for another person who will make use of this opportunity before is too late for me. Remain blessed Alima Xian

My name is George Whitehead, a broker based in the U.K for a number of
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