Friday, March 15, 2013


419 scams


This message is from the DAWES FOUNDATION, UNITED KINGDOM and directly
addressed to you. This foundation was set up this month March, 2013 with
the intention to make out donations to charity projects and the less
privileged all over the world through 20 LUCKY persons.

Firstly we'll like to introduce ourselves...Dave and Angela Dawes are our
names, the winners of one of Britain's biggest lottery (101 million
pounds) in the month of october,2011. Please see our video/interview in
the web link

Exactly 16 months after our lottery winning, we finally have an approval
from the Government to commence our 2013 charity foundation/projects, and
also to use the opportunity to give out cash grant of 1 million pounds
each to at least 20 persons.
You received this message because your email address was submitted to us
by your email service provider from your country, declaring YOU as the
"LUCKY" individual for a cash grant of 1 million pounds from us.
To you, this message may sound unreal BUT it is a 100% genuine, giving you
a once in a life time opportunity to get more established.

We anticipate your immediate response through our contact email below for
comprehensive details on fund disbursement.

Best of luck,

Dave and Angela Dawes